Join Us

Why become a member of the MRS Resident & Fellow Section? Because:

  • it’s FREE for residents + fellows in Massachusetts!
  • it makes you an ACR member as well — it gives you access to all the members-only sections of their website, such as the ACR bulletin

And also because it can help you:

  • meet with residents from across Massachusetts
  • exchange ideas
  • meet with some of the more senior members of the Massachusetts Radiological Society (the state chapter of the American College of Radiology)
  • learn about different practice environments and how things are done in other training programs
  • network for potential job opportunities
  • understand and participate in the political process, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s constantly changing health care environment

So what are you waiting for?

  1. Join the mailing list to get email updates
  2. Become a fully fledge member: Just print out our registration form — available HERE in Acrobat PDF format* — and send it in to:
    • MRS
      Attn: Lina Szymkowski
      P.O. Box 54-9132
      Waltham, MA 02454-9132