Awarded Fellowship in the American College of Radiology (ACR) in May 2023: From left to right: Gustavo Mercier, MD, PhD; Sara Durfee, MD; Ritu Gill, MD, MPH; Valerie Fein-Zachary, MD; Tara Catanzano, MD, FSABI; Aaron Sodickson, MD, PhD (Not pictured): Christopher G. Filippi MD; Patricia E. Grant MD; Jacques Pierre Sasson, MD

ACR Chapter Recognition Award 2022: Award Received for Excellence in Meetings & Education  

A message on racial disparities and diversity

The Massachusetts Radiological Society recognizes that radiologists, radiation oncologists and physicists serve as leaders within the healthcare team and work to provide healthcare services to diverse patient populations. We encourage our members to recognize the adverse effects of racism upon our both the patients we serve and our workforce. We encourage our members to work to reduce racial disparities in healthcare outcomes. We encourage our members to attract, develop and retain a qualified and diverse workforce at all career stages.

About Us

In the early 1960′s, with the increasing awareness that a new federal healthcare plan called Medicare was a distinct possibility, it became evident that the New England Roentgen Ray Society – founded in 1923 – could no longer serve as a forum of both educational and socioeconomic practices of radiology. Dr. Edward Kilroy, with the help of many others and with the backing of the American College of Radiology, established the Massachusetts chapter. Since that time, the chapter has been devoted to serving patients and society by advocating for radiology professionals to advance the science, social, and economic practice of radiology.

Information on Breast Density

The Massachusetts Radiology Society has created a resource for patients and physicians to help understand breast density, given the passage recently of a law requiring breast density to be reported to patient’s with increased breast density. Please visit to learn more about breast density.

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