RFS Elections 2017


Emmanuel Berchmans

This past year as secretary of the MRS-RFS has shown me the integral role the Massachusetts Radiological Society plays in both residency training and the practice of radiology, radiation oncology and medical physics. The influence of its resident and fellow leaders is felt locally in uniting the radiology residents of this state and nationally when representing their interests on Capitol Hill. I have personally had the pleasure of meeting many Massachusetts residents while helping organize the annual mixer and call prep session.  At this year’s ACR meeting, I have advocated for the interests of radiologists in our state. Moving forward, if given the opportunity to be Vice President, and later President, I will continue to pursue the interests of our residents. I would like to see our members receive more opportunities for mentorship and career advancement. I want more valuable academic and professional learning experiences. I especially want to make sure smaller programs in our state are heard.
I am grateful for having had the opportunity to serve the MRS this past year and hope to have the chance once again.

David Knipp

My name is David Knipp, and I am a rising third-year resident at MGH. I am running for the position of Vice President because for too many trainees of our state, the MRS is just another acronym that has seemingly little to no impact on their daily lives. I am on a mission to turn this notion on its head.

If elected, my goal will be to engage every resident and fellow in Massachusetts, from the streets of downtown Boston to the suburbs of Springfield. How do I plan to do this? Here is just a small list of ideas:

  • Continue to expand access to leadership positions with the formation of new executive committees
  • Hold monthly social events with faculty from academic and private practices around the state (Let’s face it, networking is key)
  • Add a new Speed Mentoring event to the annual Career Fair to help foster lasting relationships
  • Create an online database of where recently graduated trainees have matched to fellowships and jobs (Did I mention networking is key?)

The MRS has so much more to offer than just being “important to how we get paid.” If I earn your vote for Vice President, I promise to make the society more accessible and applicable to the trainees of our state. With your support, together we will do just that. Thank you!


Khanant Desai

Hi everyone – my name is Khanant Desai, I am a rising PGY-3 at BWH, and I’m running for the position of Secretary. When I attended the ACR 2017 conference, I came away thrilled there was an organization that fought for the “big picture” issues affecting Radiology. From educating our colleagues on Artificial Intelligence, to representing our financial interests on the RVS Update Committee, to advocating for legislative change on Capitol Hill, I appreciate that the ACR is focused on pragmatic topics.

Massachusetts traditionally has a strong Resident and Fellow contingent at the ACR, which translates to strong networking, advocacy, and leadership opportunities on a national stage. As Secretary for the MRS, I want to ensure that this tradition continues through boosting participation at our fantastic annual events, providing networking opportunities between trainees and attendings from different programs, and amplifying the issues important to each constituent up to MRS and ACR leadership.

My prior leadership experience includes selection to BWH’s Quality Assurance/Risk Management Committee and Housestaff Safety and Quality Council. I was also the founder/editor-in-chief of my medical school’s literary magazine. I am happy to work in a leadership role as well as an equal member of a team. Thank you for considering me for this position!

Shadi Esfahani

My name is Shadi Esfahani. I am a rising R2 at MGH. I am running for secretary of MRS-RFS in order to be more actively involved in an organization that plays a crucial role in the success and future of our speciality.

I have been an active member of RFS. After attending the ACR and RLI in the past two years, I strengthened my knowledge in healthcare economics and policy. Having gained this knowledge, I realize the importance of advocacy for our specialty and the impact it has on the prosperity and security of our career. I appreciate the positive impact that residents and fellows can have in the development of policies that promote equitable healthcare and improved healthcare delivery.

As secretary, My goal is to be a voice for the trainees, build relationships and make every effort to further the missions of our community. Thanks for your consideration and support.


Dominique Rowcroft

I’m a rising second year at Mount Auburn and looking forward to getting more involved in the MRS-RFS.  I am well organized and have experience with managing a budget while working for the Department of Health in Rhode Island prior to medical school. I think I would be a good fit for treasurer.



Katrina Chu

Hi! I am one of the rising third years at MGH. I would love to serve as Advocacy Liaison for the MRS-RFS this year.

I’ve had a range of unique experiences in advocacy, starting from a young age with local and state politics. Working on multiple mayoral, school board, and gubernatorial campaigns since high school and chairing youth government programs through college instilled in me a deep appreciation for showing up and getting involved in the policy-making process. In medical school my scholarly concentration was in Advocacy & Activism and as part of this focus I became interested in organized medicine. I served on the AMA House of Delegates Coordinating Committee for the medical student section, and helped prepare the official positions of the MSS on proposed resolutions for the General Assembly. Since starting residency I have tried to contribute to and participate in the MRS and ACR where I can. I volunteer for these activities because I think small changes in policy can have a large impact on the way we practice and the hospitals or communities we serve. If elected I would love to increase the opportunities for trainees to get involved early and in various capacities. I think it’s important for residents and fellows of the different Massachusetts training programs to have more occasions to meet, network, and work together to advocate for the interests of our field.