RFS Elections 2016


Chretien Yves Chretien

Guaranteeing a bright future for Radiology requires us to constantly define our role, and the value we add, in an ever-changing health care environment.  As the Secretary for the Massachusetts Radiological Society’s Residents and Fellows Section during 2015-2016, I learned the importance of the MRS and the ACR’s constant advocacy for our profession.  It was terrific to meet so many fellow trainees from all of the Massachusetts programs at the ACR Annual Meetings of 2015 and 2016, and a reminder of how effective our advocacy is when our voices are united.  As Vice-President, I would continue the MRS-RFS’s work of involving all Massachusetts trainees in learning and addressing the critical issues affecting our future, providing updates on the key meetings of the MRS-RFS and ACR as well as the vital career development resources these organizations offer us beyond our individual training programs.

Kristin England Kristin England

Hello Colleagues! My name is Kristin England and I am a second year at Tufts. I’m running for Vice President of the MRS-RFS in order to be more actively involved in an organization that promotes the success and development of our specialty. I think that the RFS does a great job utilizing our tremendous fund of knowledge and experience in Massachusetts Radiology through events like the call prep session and participation in local and national meetings; the physician leaders and tradition in our state are unique resources that I want to continue to use to our advantage. I hope to continue with the RFS events that have been successful and continue to build the community of residents and fellows toward professional success through our training years. I’m also excited about being able to represent the MRS in advocacy for the field of Radiology at the state and national level at meetings such as the ACR. Thank you!

Shahnaz Rahman Photo Shahnaz Rahman

My name is Shahnaz and I am currently a rising third-year resident at Boston Medical Center. For the last year, I have served as the MRS Program Liaison for BU Radiology. I was also selected to attend the ACR Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI) at Babson College. Through these capacities, I have come to deeply appreciate the incredible depth and unique community that is core to the Massachusetts Radiological Society.  Furthermore, at ACR 2016 and RLI, I strengthened my knowledge base in health economics, policy, and advocacy as they relate to radiology. Armed with these tools and experiences, I seek election to the role of MRS RFS Vice President. During my tenure, if elected, my goal is to build new forums and venues to connect residents from across the state, allowing for shared education as well as networking. After all, it has become abundantly clear to me that the value of ACR is in bringing our collective minds together to work on the toughest issues at hand. I am a sincere and honest candidate and promise to go above and beyond to fulfill the responsibilities of Vice President and, subsequently, President.  Thank you very much for reading, and I would appreciate your support.


 Linda Ratanaprasatporn  Linda Ratanaprasatporn

I’m a rising second year resident at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  As a former Barbara Jordan Health Policy Scholar and health policy fellow for former Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine and former president of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) chapter at Brown University, I have experience working on Capitol Hill and understand what it takes to have your voice heard by regulators and elected officials at a state and national level.  I have been an active member, attending the RFS Summer Social, Call Prep Session, and the Career Panel events.   I look forward to continuing these and creating new events to promote the community amongst residents and fellows in Massachusetts.

 TonyWTrinh  Tony Trinh

Hi everyone, my name is Tony Trinh and I am a second year radiology resident at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  I am running for Vice President of the MRS-RFS for the term of 2016-2017.  After attending the ACR 2016 Annual Meeting, I have gained a new found appreciation for organized radiology and the influence that such bodies have on our daily practice.  I am very interested in the political, administrative and business aspects of radiology and feel that the MRS-RFS would be an excellent avenue to explore my interest further.  As a person who truly enjoys administrative and organizational work, I feel that I can apply my skills to helping the MRS and MRS-RFS advance their goals in providing better patient care and promoting the socio-economic interests of the society.  Thanks for your consideration.


Berchmans_Emmanuel Emmanuel Berchmans

I have come to appreciate the integral role the Massachusetts Radiological Society plays in both residency training and the practice of radiology. The influence of its resident and fellow leaders is felt locally in uniting the radiology residents of this state and nationally when representing their interests on Capitol Hill.

My past leadership experiences include being Secretary and later Vice President of Student Government at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, and I am currently a member of the Governing Council for the Society of Interventional Radiology as their webmaster. I work well with other leaders and am flexible and giving of my time.

I hope to have the opportunity to serve you as secretary of MRS.

MRS Katrina Katrina Chu

Hi! I am Katrina, one of the radiology residents at MGH. I am very interested in organized medicine and find the opportunity to serve as Secretary for the Mass Rad Society Resident and Fellow Section really exciting.

Many experiences I have had continue to underline the importance of being involved in the policy-making process. I worked on local and state political campaigns at a young age, and participated in and subsequently chaired committees for youth government programs through college, all of which emphasized to me the disproportionate impact of sitting at the table, proposing bills at the dais, working logistics in caucus or on a committee, and simply networking. The value of learning the legislative process with regards to medicine and trainee issues was apparent to me in medical school, and I became involved in the AMA, pushing my proposed resolutions through to pass and serving on the House of Delegates Coordination Committee for the medical student section. These roles were super fun but also entailed collaborating with peers/colleagues and elected leaders alike, and serving as a liaison between student bodies and those with decision-making power. If elected to the MRS-RFS, my goals are pretty straightforward: to increase networking opportunities among the programs in Boston and Massachusetts, and to keep the Massachusetts contingent strong nationally, e.g. at the ACR; to be a voice specifically for trainees on the Mass Rad Society agenda; and to organize creative events that connect residents and fellows to wide-ranging professionals and practice groups. Ultimately, I think there are endless ways to improve the experience of training radiologists and I would love to have the opportunity to work with a motivated team to further our community interests.

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As a first year resident, I was introduced to organized radiology by the events arranged by MRS-RFS, which I found to be extremely informative. In the coming years, I would like to become more involved in the important role MRS-RFS plays in advocating for our specialty and patients. As secretary, I hope to advance the message of MRS-RFS by working to increase participation, awareness, and attendance amongst its members through more effective and timely marketing communications. This past spring, I successfully created and now maintain the Facebook page for the New England Roentgen Ray Society (NERRS). As a direct result of my efforts, this page and the NERRS webpage both experienced substantial increases in traffic. As secretary, I would be a dependable officer and look forward to contributing to the overall mission of the organization.

Michael Johnson Michael Johnson

I am running to be your Secretary to improve the value that the MRS provides to residents and fellows so we can better develop our careers and better care for our patients. During the next year, I would like to continue improving our already successful events such as the call prep session and summer social. However, I’d also like to help provide you with high-yield materials and programming regarding the advocacy and business sides of our profession. Those who were fortunate enough to attend ACR this year know, for example, that we need to play a role ensuring our patients have access to high quality cancer screening examinations such as mammography and CT colonography. We also need to learn and react quickly in the face of new legislation such as the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act, a bill that will implement reimbursement adjustments in 2019 based on quality data reported beginning next year. I have no doubt that residents from Massachusetts are among the most impressive in the country, but I also think that a strong fund of knowledge in the non-clinical areas of our profession can only make us more competitive and effective radiologists at the conclusion of our training.

I hope you’ll consider voting for me not only because I want to help the MRS better serve you, but also because I have a wealth of experience in organized medicine. I have served in leadership positions at the state and national levels throughout the past six years and I currently serve as a delegate at the AMA’s Annual and Interim Meetings through 2017. I’ve seen the good that organized medicine can do for physicians and for patients and I’d like to use my knowledge base to improve organized radiology here in Massachusetts.

David Knipp David Knipp

My name is David Knipp, and I am a current R1 at MGH running for secretary of MRS.

I am running for secretary of the MRS because I am an enthusiastic believer that engaging radiologists at the resident and fellow level in healthcare reform is vital to the continued advancement of our practice. We have already seen the benefits of such engagement with the rollback of the MPPR this past year. However, we need to remain on the forefront of healthcare-related issues affecting our field, especially with the introduction of bundled payments. I will fight for the needs of our residents and fellows while, of course, having some fun at the same time!

PARTHIV Mehta Parthiv Mehta

Hi, my name is Parthiv Mehta from Baystate Medical Center and I’m running for Secretary of the MRS. As an R1, I have been an avid participant in the MRS activities including the call prep session, 3.0 imaging initiative and the ACR meeting. Involvement with the MRS gives me an opportunity to be heard and gives all of us a seat at the table rather than be ‘on the menu’.  Capitol Hill Day further reaffirmed my enthusiasm to be part of the conversation and commit myself to an organization that presents me with an unique opportunity to be an advocate for my colleagues and radiology.

Affable and easy going, I am extremely passionate about global health and advocacy. I run for secretary so that I may devote my time to furthering the MRS message of being involved and increasing participation in all our activities. I shall work towards building cohesive relationships with everyone involved and hope to make a difference with my time at the MRS.

Thank you for all your encouragement and support.

Uzoezi Ozomaro Uzoezi “Zaze” Ozomaro

Hi! I’m Uzoezi “Zaze” Ozomaro, and I am running for MRS-RFS Secretary. Why? Because we all know the secret… MRS-RFS rocks! Honestly, I hadn’t known this was the case prior to participating in MRS-sponsored events (e.g. call prep) and participating in the 2016 ACR meeting. Interacting with both senior and junior members of the MRS has been valuable in my understanding of various practice environments and the political process. I am genuinely thrilled to have the opportunity to share these experiences with colleagues whom I’ve met and with those that I have yet to meet. Allowing me to serve as the Secretary helps to provide me with a platform from which to share this secret. Psst…pass it on.