RFS President’s Message

July 25, 2022

It is an honor to be a part of an organization where the residents’ voices are heard, respected and acted upon.

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the lives of most if not all residents nationwide, and the impact it has had on training should not be taken lightly. My short-term goals as President are to ameliorate the negative influences that the pandemic has had on resident training and well-being, while also promoting the healthy practices that we developed to get through such challenging times.

Further, I plan to solidify the communication between the RFS and individual programs across the state, in order to ensure fair representation of all residents/fellows in Massachusetts. By doing so, we as residents and fellows will be empowered to have our voices acted upon, not just heard and neglected. I recognize the positive impact that residents and fellows have on the development of policies, which is why I will prioritize this during my tenure.

I will address the unconscious biases that negatively impact our residents and patients. I will work with our network of residents/fellows to promote diversity from within, and empower the underrepresented.

I have extensive leadership experience as a cofounder and CEO of a nationally and internationally recognized news station. It still amazes me how the media has a huge impact on people daily lives across the world. I promise to implement those same resources towards improving the visibility and outreach of the MRS-RFS program.

I will advocate for residents/fellows interest in ACR and MRS meetings. As we are transitioning out of the pandemic, I will work on improving the quality and the quantity of the social events, promoting networking and resident wellness.

My ultimate goal for RFS is to be a nationwide beacon of residents’ advocacy in word and deed.

Kenan Alkhalili, MD
MRS-RFS President
Radiology Reside
nt, Tufts Medical Center