October 2000

Meeting at 10/30/2000
MMS Headquarters in Waltham

In attendance:

    Christoph Wald (CW)
    Mark Mullins (MM)

The meeting started at 6:30pm and adjourned at 8pm.


1. Fall Forum
The Fall forum will consist of a lecture and answer session regarding computers in radiology and teleradiology as they pertain to residents and fellows. The speakers will be Dr. Keith Dreyer and Dr. Matthew Benjamin of Massachusetts General Hospital. The lecture time will consist of approximately 1 hour followed by a question and answer period. A flyer will be made by CW and will be distributed to promote the event by FAX, email or internet. Key residents in the respective programs will be contacted by telephone in the week prior to the forum. The location will be the Abrams Conference Room of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) radiology department. A buffet dinner will be served after 6:30 PM. The room, refreshments and audio-visual arrangements were made by Emily Sedgwick of the BWH.


2. Communication between Residents, Fellows, and Radiology Practices
One of the goals of the RFS is to improve communications between residents, fellows, and radiology practices to help optimize the job search. To this end, the RFS will attempt to get the names and addresses of private radiology practices in the state of Massachusetts and contact them by mail to let them know about the ability to post locum tenens, moonlighting, and job opportunities to the website and through our possibly e-mail database. This goal will be discussed with the MRS executive council at its next meeting.


3. Rotation Exchanges
A recent inquiry regarding the possibility of residents doing rotations at different hospitals has prompted consideration of the RFS taking an active part in improving communications between programs to promote whatever ability to perform outside rotations currently exists and what implementation of possible future rotation exchanges may be performed. The issues of malpractice were raised but examples of exchanges currently existing between MGH and NEMC were noted as examples where some solution already exists. The RFS is resolved to contact residency directors to learn what programs are currently offered and any interest they would have in outside resident rotators and in what capacity (e.g., full, observer, etc). The RFS will also discuss the issue with the MRS executive council to obtain their input on the matter.


Minutes respectfully submitted by MM.
Please address questions to mmullins@partners.org.