November 2002

Meeting on 11/12/02, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Massachusetts Medical Society Headquarters, Waltham, MA

In attendance:

Mark Mullins, MD PhD: MGH
Christoph Wald, MD PhD: Lahey
Erik Nelson, MD: BU
Seth Hardy, MD: Lahey
Joe Hsu, MD: Lahey
Randheer Shailam, MD: St. V’s
Rafael Silva, MD: St. V’s
Peter Gordon, MD


1. Discussion of poor membership and ways to improve attendance by other residents

  1. Need to better communicate the relevance of the issues to other residents and they will see the value in attending
  2. Have program directors assign people
  3. Rotate the location of the meeting between Waltham, MGH, and BWH
  4. Dr.’s Gordon and Hardy will try to obtain $1000 for the Executive Committee to host a dinner for chiefs and a junior resident (by invitation only) to try and communicate the importance of the issues facing residents in Massachusetts at home and on a national level
  5. Will try to find a suitable location for 12/10/02


2. Discussion of past ACR national meeting in Miami

  1. Overview of meeting given by MA delegates (SH, EN, CW)
  2. Brief discussion of issue of residents not working their last 6 months at some programs and its effect on the national movement to move the timing of the boards to after residency


3. Advanced planning for this year’s forum

  1. Will try to hold it shortly after Presidents’ Day
  2. This year’s forum will focus on resident and staff effectiveness in today’s demanding work environment
  3. Attempts will be made to survey residents to learn about how many cases are read on call, how much time is protected for conference etc. in an attempt to assess the current working and learning environment for Rad. Residents in MA.


Minutes respectfully submitted by
Seth Hardy, MD
Secretary, MRS RFS