June 2003

Meeting on 06/03/03
MGH Department of Radiology

In attendance:

Seth Hardy
Sanjay Shetty
Lida Chaipat
Josh Rosebrook
Tara Lawrimore
Punita Gupta


  1. ACR Annual National Meeting – Washington DC, 2003
  2. Involving the incoming CLASS of 2007
  3. MRS Executive Meeting
  4. Next Meeting

I. ACR Annual National Meeting – Washington DC, 2003
[Attendance at the national meeting (Josh, Sanjay)]

  1. Congrats to Sanjay Shetty for being selected as the RFS national secretary and Josh Rosebrook who is our new National AMA delegate
  2. Themes at the meeting
    1. Increasing involvement of the ACR resident physician section in ACR activities by including a resident member at the council committee meetings, reserving a seat for RPS on the council, sponsoring residents to attend the intersociety meeting, including a resident column section in the new JACR
  3. Resident Meetings
    1. Dr. Richard Gunderman held 2nd annual leadership seminar- very dynamic
    2. Review of resolutions, especially those relevant to residents
      1. Timing of oral boards – proposal to delay boards is tabled, but to be discussed at ABR’s June 2003 meeting. ACR doesn’t support delaying boards. SCARD supports delay of boards.
        1. ACGME/RRC to closely monitor classes of 2004 in the upcoming year regarding clinical activities/attendance
        2. Responsibilities of the 4th year involvement is that of the program directors
        3. Radiation oncology residents are also a part of ACR and said that their written/oral boards were moved to 1 year after graduation with no input from the perspective of the residents
      2. Resident call and abuse mostly with respect to teleradiology. ACR demands that all EDs should have 24 hr radiology coverage. RRC will look into this matter and a survey regarding this issue should be expected in the next few weeks.
      3. MRI training- a comprehensive teaching resource will be compiled by the education branch of the ACR.
    3. Other issues
      1. Radiologist assistants –
      2. Changing ACR standards to “ACR Practice guidelines and Technical Standards” to avoid misinterpretation
      3. Increase research to evaluate CT screening procedures and mammographic screening breast MR exam
      4. Economics- ACR involved in reimbursements.
      5. Legal- Liability insurance
      6. RADPAC- 3rd largest political action committee voices our concerns on Capitol Hill. Supported by ACR. We should support them and encourage others.
      7. Assure Access to Mammography ACT – increase reimbursement for mammography, increase funding for an additional resident position to programs nationwide. MRS wants to raise awareness to the public and get more residents involved. The ACR will send a survey to the 3rd and 4th year residents in late summer regarding their opinions /experience in Mammography.
      8. TORT reform – capping noneconomic damages
  4. Looking Ahead
    1. Future of interventional radiology
    2. Communication standards – what is the radiologist’s responsibility? How should he/she communicate information?
    3. ACR meetings are currently once a year. Next meeting May 2004 in Washington DC


II. Involving the incoming CLASS of 2007

  1. THE RACK – Seth will look into arranging a date to hold the annual welcome to MRS/RFS party. We will try to aim for 3rd week in July. Drink tickets will be available.
  2. Fall Forum – Tentative plans to arrange a forum with one of the legal council members. Brainstorm of possible topics that would interest the greatest number of residents were discussed (leadership, getting a job, oral boards, malpractice, book fair …etc)


III. MRS Executive Meeting

  1. Will be held Wednesday June 11, 2003. Josh and Sanjay will be in attendance. Meetings are held every month at Waltham.


IV. Next Meeting

  1. To be announced. Probably the day of the RACK welcome party.


Respectfully submitted by
Punita Gupta