January 2003

Meeting on 01/28/03
Abrams Conference Room, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

In attendance:

Erik Nelson, MD: BU
Seth Hardy, MD: Lahey
Josh Rosebrook, MD: BWH


1. 2003 Spring Forum

  1. Once again the topic of this years Forum will be the timing of the oral boards and how residents can work with their programs on a local level so that the issues that are motivating a change in the timing can be resolved.
  2. The date has been changed to March 19th so that all residents can read the upcoming ACR bulletin and formulated opinions regarding the timing of the oral boards.
  3. We will try to invite a representative from SCARD, private practice, a local program director, and perhaps Radiation Oncology to discuss the issue.
    1. Dr. Thrall has been recommended to us as a SCARD representative.
    2. Josh will ask Dr. Blinder from BWH to attend.
    3. Seth will look into finding someone from private practice and or Radiation Oncology
  4. We will try to publicize the meeting at the NERR meeting the end of next month


2. Meeting after Spring Forum
We will plan on having one more meeting after the Spring Forum to wrap up the year and elect new officers.

  1. This meeting should take place prior to the ACR meeting in May so that the new officers can have a chance to attend.
  2. Erik will be at AFIP during this meeting so that an additional person from Massachusetts can attend the meeting in May.


Respectfully submitted by
Seth Hardy, MD
Secretary, MRS RFS