December 2002

Meeting on 12/10/02
Laurel, Berkley St., Boston

In attendance:

Peter Gordon, MD
Sarwat Hussain, MD: BU
Christoph Wald, MD PhD: Lahey
Erik Nelson, MD: BU
Seth Hardy, MD: Lahey
Joe Hsu, MD: Lahey
Josh Rosebrook, MD: BWH
Matthew Cushing, MD: Mt. Auburn
Vonathan Kini, MD: Tufts
Cynthia Stearns, MD: Mt. Auburn
Thomas Osborne, MD: Mt. Auburn
Justin Cambell, MD: MGH
Seth Katz, MD: MD PhD: BU


1. Opening remarks by Dr. Gordon as to the purpose of the MRS and ACR


2. Would a change of venue improve attendance by the residents present

  1. Many residents do not have cars and attending meetings in Waltham is difficult after work
  2. The next meeting will be held on 1/14/02 at BWH and subsequent meetings will be held downtown on a rotating basis


3. Long discussion of the prospect of the ABR moving the boards until after residency

  1. It is in the residents’ best interest to keep the status quo
  2. Residents need to be as proactive as possible with this issue as SCARD and many program directors are pushing hard to move the exam
  3. Residents need to open a dialogue with the program directors and outspoken members of SCARD to see if their concerns can be addressed without changing the timing of the boards


4. Planning for this year’s forum which will focus on the issue of moving the boards

  1. Will hold the forum on 2/12/02, likely at BWH
  2. Will plan on inviting members of SCARD and program directors that wish to move the boards and open a discussion with them as to what their concerns are and what we as residents can do to fix the situation.


5. The next meeting will be held on Jan 14th (Since changed to Jan 28th).


Respectfully submitted by
Seth Hardy, MD
Secretary, MRS RFS