August 2000

Meeting at 8/10/2000
MMS Headquarters in Waltham

Meeting called to order at 7pm


1. ACR Meeting

  • Fellowship application process:
    • one option — have a designated time period for interviews, then a following period for offers
    • There should be a universal application!
    • ERAS?
    • Push the application time from third year to fourth year


2. RF&S Website

  • Reading for residents page:
    • Recommendations can be submitted
    • Links to good sites can be submitted
    • Encouraged! (You’ll receive stock options of MRS…)
    • will pay you (~$500) to write about a topic in Radiology
    • good opportunity, many topics available!
    • good site for condensed info on topics
  • The Resident Forum on the website:
    • Is it needed?
    • Will decide after one year
  • How to communicate with each other between meetings:
    • Option: Chris Wald will get E-mail address for one person in each program. That person will then forward the email to everyone in that program using internal distribution lists
  • The Links Page:
    • Contains only most frequently used sites.
    • There is a link to a page which has a huge list of rads sites
  • Recommendations for improvements:
    • Make private practices aware of our site so they can post job opportunities. (they would need to keep it updated with expiration dates)
    • Ditto for moonlighting openings.
    • Info on a Radiologist’s salary, lifestyle, job opportunity


3. Planning the year

  • Having a meeting to discuss:
    • Teleradiology Forum
      • Plan for November 9 Thursday 7pm
    • Spring Forum:
      • Business aspects of Radiology was very successful last year, very popular amongst residents from all programs during recent dinner at Harvard Club
      • Plan for early April 2001
    • Dr. Scholz, GI Radiologists (Lahey Clinic)
      • offers a one day comprehesive alimentary tract radiology board review course at Lahey for free.
      • 3rd+4th year residents would have priority access to limited number of available spots (about 50) for a period of two weeks.
      • Thereafter free registration first-come-first serve
    • Plan the next social event for winter
  • Next meeting Monday October 30
  • Chris Wald will investigate possibility for residents to attend the MRS executive meetings on a rotation basis (one at a time)


Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by David Rusch, MD