President’s Message

Summer 2016

Dear Massachusetts Radiological Society (MRS) Members:

On behalf of the Massachusetts Radiological Society Officers and Executive Committee, I am pleased to share this update to help inform you about our activities during the past year, the most pressing issues facing our profession, and our goals as a leadership team for the upcoming year. 

It is an honor to serve as the President of the Society for the 2016-2017 term. I am incredibly grateful to have the support of a dedicated and talented team of volunteer leaders drawn from radiology, radiation oncology, and medical physics, supported by the guidance of our national leadership at the American College of Radiology, our legal counsel Mr. Ed Brennan, and our chapter administrator Ms. Ginny DuLong.  In particular, I am indebted to our recent past president, Dr. Philip Rogoff, and our immediate past President Dr. Alex Norbash for their leadership. Our society is in strong financial shape with a positive balance. I am indebted to past treasurer (now President Elect) Dr. Bruce Stewart and current treasurer Dr. Rodrick Williams for keeping our financial records under tight control.  I would also like to acknowledge the superb services of Dr. Maryellen Sun as Chapter Secretary (now Vice President) and Dr. Samuel Madoff, current secretary.  It is an honor to serve with such an accomplished group of officers.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Neel Madan for his work on our MRS website and our updated MRS logo, and Dr. Lauren Ferrara, past president of the MRS resident and fellow section.

Our key activities are educating and informing legislators, insurance companies, third party payers, and other imaging stakeholders in the commonwealth regarding the essential role of imaging in order to secure the support our specialty deserves. In order to do so, we make every effort to be vigilant and active in legislative and informational efforts. Our executive committee is honored to serve you, our dedicated members, whose continued membership and support make it possible for us to pursue the missions of our society on behalf of our colleagues and patients.


With the wonderful news from CMS that the MPPR will be dramatically reduced, MRS has been working with private payors in our state to encourage them to eliminate or reduce discounts associated with their professional component multiple procedure payment reduction.

Advanced Practice Nursing

MRS continues to be vocal in our concerns regarding nurses practicing without physician oversight, in particular in regards to verbiage in legislation that allows for interpretation of test results.  We continue to strongly state that interpretation of imaging studies should remain in the purview of radiologists and other appropriately trained physicians.

Breast Tomosynthesis Reimbursement

The MRS officers and leaders in Massachusetts breast imaging serving on behalf of the society have been meeting in person with the major third party payers medical leaders in way of informing them and educating them where breast tomosynthesis is concerned. The increased cost and effort of tomosynthesis, undertaken in order to provide improved care, clearly needs to be supported financially, and our efforts are intended to secure such essential support.

Breast Density

The Massachusetts Radiology Society has created a resource for patients and physicians to help understand breast density, given the passage of a law requiring breast density to be reported to patients with increased breast density. Please visit to learn more about breast density.

Imaging 3.0

We often talk about how to improve the “face of Radiology.”  One of our executive committee members put that talk into action.  At the ACR 2016 meeting, Dr. Jennifer Broder launched a program where Massachusetts residents/fellows attending the meeting were paired with radiologist councilors/alternate councilors to bring back to their own institutions Imaging 3.0 projects.  We are looking forward to hearing the results of these projects in the fall.

ACR 2016

The ACR again this year augmented the longstanding Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference (AMCLC) held annually in Washington DC with educational programs and additional offerings intended to increase attendance, and therefore to serve as an augmented exchange opportunity for a larger number of practitioners and leaders. Our state was well-represented at the annual meeting with 16 councilors/alternate councilors and 32 trainees attending.  Of note, 32 of us (including 17 residents/fellows) visited the offices of 10 legislators.  You can see images from our day at our website:

Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI)

The RLI is in its fifth year of existence, and was created by the ACR as a resource to facilitate leadership training across the full range of radiology practitioners and trainees. Massachusetts plays an important role in the activities of the RLI due to our large share of radiologist and trainees participating in a conspicuous manner in all the RLI’s activities, not only as RLI leaders and educators and but also as students and participants. Notably, the RLI leadership summit will be held in September at the nationally recognized Babson College leveraging our regional assets for the national benefit of our specialty.

All MRS members including  residents and fellows are eligible to receive a discount for the RLI Summit being held September 8-11, 2016, by registering at Residents and fellows should use code MRSMIT25 to receive a 25% discount and MRS members can use MRSRLI750 to save $750 during check out.

In addition, MRS members, through a supporting arrangement with the RLI, are also given access to one RLI webinar for each of the next four years at no charge. If you would like to view the potential webinar options and make your selection, please use the following hyperlink;

Added to this our trainees and young radiologists wanted a more personalized course geared towards earlier levels of radiology leadership.  Thus we have a 1 day “Massachusetts Radiological Society Leadership Symposium” organized by Dr. Kausal Mehta and Dr. Lauren Ferrera in conjunction with the RLI.  The one day summit will be at held at the Babson Executive Conference Center — Wellesley, MA on Wednesday Sept 7

MRS Annual Meeting

Please mark your calendars for the annual meeting of the MRS, which will be held this year on March 8th at the headquarters of the Massachusetts Medical Society, 860 Winter Street, Waltham MA, 02451. Our guest speaker will be our own Dr. Jim Brink.  Dr. Brink is Chair of the department of Radiology at MGH and is also Chairman of the Board of the American College of Radiology. He will be speaking on“ACR 2017: Critical to the Health of our Patients and our Profession”.


When you visit the ACR website ( you will see the core purpose of the ACR written as “To serve patients and society by empowering members to advance the practice, science and professions of radiological care.”  The page then lists the ACR core values of leadership, integrity, quality, and innovation.  It behooves us as members of the MRS and ACR to keep these values central to our work.

These are times of rapidly evolving change in healthcare. The MRS will continue to keep its finger on the pulse of ongoing developments and will keep you abreast of any pressing issues.

I wish you all the best for the summer and upcoming year.


 Levine Signature

Deborah Levine MD, FACR
President, Massachusetts Radiological Society